PERMaNeNT protection

for concrete
and Masonry


Contact US Duralast to purchase SealXP to protect your concrete and masonry.

Or become an approved SealXP installer.  Ask us how! 855-424-3566

Concrete Driveway Sealing

Protect concrete driveways from the devastating effects of mother nature and freeze-thaw cycles with SealXP. Protect homeowners curb appeal!

Moisture Mitigation

Remediate and stop water and moisture from migrating through concrete slabs, basement floors, walls, and more with SealXP. Moisture can't get past SealXP!

Concrete Polishing/Denisfication

Densify and refine concrete while polishing it with our 3 step process for incredible results in polishing and unmatched moisture mitigation

Masonry Sealing/Protection

Use SealXP products for all your masonry and specialty sealing projects like stone, brick, and more. More than 30 SealXP solutions available!


Great Full or Part Time

Great part-time business or add on to any power washing business. Superior performance that homeowners and property owners expect, at a very reasonable price. Low product order minimums for distributors.

Great Profit As Add On Service

Explode profits if you are already tearing out and replacing concrete. Double profits by doing nothing extra-just use SealXP! Offer a 25 year warranty on when your competitors offer NO warranty!

Top Rated Track Record

Products have an unmatched track record for performance since 1985! Training is available as well as 25 year warranty for trained installers on residential projects. Environmentally friendly products that keeps concrete out of landfills.

Why Choose SEALXP

  • For Homeowners/DIY
  • Safe/Environmentally Friendly Product
  • Simple Installation
  • Can Be Applied with Rental Equipment
  • No Discoloration or Beading Water
  • Business Opportunity
  • Low Competition Business
  • Equipment Available Or Use Your Own
  • Superior Process To Competitors
  • Excellent Income Potential On Your Schedule
  • Property Owners and Managers
  • Reduce Mainteance and Repair Costs
  • Preserve Concrete Structures Permenantly
  • Perform Sealing Yourself or With Contractors
  • Training Available Or Included On Larger Orders

Crew was on time, courteous, helpful, professional and very careful.  A great company and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Beverly Foster


Crew did an excellent job on my driveway.  His work is top rate, his communication excellent and the pricing was reasonable

Dean Brendal

Home and Small Business Owner

I am so happy we sealed our concrete driveway back in 2008 on our new home.  Now I don’t have any damage to my driveway, and I know how hard Kansas City winters are on concrete.  I didn’t want to get damage like we had at our last home.  SealRX has worked out great for our family.

Jon Harding

Home and Small Business Owner